Admission Procedures

Electronic Admission Mechanism

Applicant seeking admission into the Polytechnic must register himself via electronic system on the DFP website.

The electronic admission system of DFP is aimed at facilitating administrative procedures associated with admission and ensuring equal opportunities for all applicants. It also helps trainees to identify suitable alternatives among the available programs, thus saving time and effort without visiting the Polytechnic.

Admission Procedures

Subsequent to announcement for registrations, applications will be accepted from prospective applicants. Interested applicants have to complete the Electronic Application Form on the DFP website.

After the submission of the electronic application, the admission will be through fair competition between the applicants in accordance with academic results, in order of preference, the availability of seats and the Polytechnic’s admission requirements.

It is to be noted that admission of trainees may require a common entrance test and a personal interview during the admission process, the dates for which will be announced on the website.

The candidates will be notified of the interview date on the website and supported by mobile and e-mail messages. Commitment to the deadline set for the interview is a prerequisite to enter the personal interview which will take place during the admission process.

Selected applicants admitted to DFP will be announced on the DFP website, and supported by mobile and e-mail messages to inform the applicants of the courses in which they were accepted.

After the applicant is notified of selection, he must enter his account in the electronic admission gateway and print the notification of the admission nomination. Then, he needs to visit the Polytechnic in order to sign the Agreement of the respective Company to which he has been admitted for in the Polytechnic. The applicant needs to bring the documents arranged in the following order:

1.    Notification of the admission nomination.

2.    Original High School certificate along with one copy

3.    Original National identity card (civil status card) along with one copy

4.    Original National Exam Certificate (Qeyas) along with one copy

5.    Original Character/ Conduct Certificate along with one copy

6.    Four colour photos of 4×6 size

7.    Medical Fitness Certificate

Medical Test will be arranged by the Polytechnic and the applicant will visit nominated clinic in order to have the medical tests done. The applicant will sign the Agreement only if he is found medically fit.

It is expected that all applicants follow-up continuously and visit the DFP website periodically as the information is updated continuously.

We wish everyone success.

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